Q&A with Craft Beer Lovers: Chelsea Lasson of Bell’s

Chelsea Lassen Bell's Brewery Kzoo Beer Blog pic

Chelsea Lassen of Bell’s Brewery, Inc. drinks her favorite brew: Bell’s Wild One. Photo courtesy of Rhino Media.

Featuring: Chelsea Lassen
Marketing Coordinator, Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

• Where is the strangest place you’ve ever drank a craft beer? An ICU waiting room

What is your favorite beer label? The 2014 Oberon mini keg

What is your favorite brewery? Well, I suppose I’m a little biased, but Bell’s – we make great beer, and Larry and Laura Bell make Bell’s a really happy place to be. Bell’s aside, I really love Crooked Stave, Russian River, and Jolly Pumpkin (can you tell I have a thing for sour beers??)

Do you remember your first craft beer? Back in my college days when I developed a taste for beer, I was a huge fan of any beer that was put in my hand. To me, that consisted of nothing but yellow fizzy beers and I thought I was really cool. Then one day, a good friend of mine had a six-pack of Bell’s Java Stout, and I insisted on giving it a try. He was sure I would hate it. However, after that first taste, my world changed. The flavor and complexities of that beer blew my mind; I had no clue that beer could be anything but yellow and fizzy. I immediately became a huge fan of craft beer, thus leading me to where I am today (despite the fact that I graduated with a double major in Exercise Science and Community Health).

Have you ever mixed craft beer with something else to make it entirely different? If so, what’s been successful for you? I’m a huge fan of Bell’s Oarsman, ginger beer, and a splash of lime juice. Perfect light & low alcohol beer for a hot summer day. Don’t ever mix a shot of gin with an IPA. Bad things will happen.

Is there a style of craft beer you don’t like at all? Not really. So far, I’ve found there’s at least one beer within every style that I enjoy. And as long as it’s a well made beer, I can certainly appreciate it.

Do you homebrew? I’ve homebrewed a couple times with groups of friends and co-workers, but it’s extremely time consuming so I’ve never really been serious about it.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only take one IPA and one Stout, which would they be? Hmm.. Stouts are one of my favorite styles of beer, but that’s the last thing I’d want to drink on a hot desert island. But, to answer the question – Bell’s Two Hearted and Bell’s Black Note Stout.

If you were to take a Michigan craft beer to another country as a representative of our great beer state, what would it be? That’s tough… Do I have to pick one? I can’t do it. There are too many good beers out there. It’s have to be Bell’s Two Hearted, Hopslam, or Expedition Stout. They’re all so delicious. Bell’s aside, it would have to be something from Jolly Pumpkin.

How far have you traveled for craft beer? All over the world. My experiences have taught me that the American craft beer scene is one of the best, and Michigan craft beer rocks.

If you were to open a craft brewery, what would you call it? This is the least fun answer ever, but I have no idea.

What one ingredient should never be added to beer? Vanilla. I HATE vanilla beers. Too sweet. Typically, I prefer beers that are balanced and stick to the basic ingredients (water, malt, hops, yeast). However, there are plenty of good beers out there that have spices and fruits added to them. As long as they’re balanced, all is good in my world (minus the vanilla. no thank you.)

Are you Elvis or Beatles? Dogs or cats? Hops or malts? Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure? Milli or Vanilli? Beatles. Cats. Malts. I’m not familiar with either Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure so that’s a toss up. Of Milli Vanilli, which one is Fab Morvan? I choose him for his big beautiful eyes.

If Wonder Woman were to drink a craft beer, what one would she drink? And honestly, do you think it would help her find the invisible jet? First of all, if Wonder Woman drank a lot of craft beer, there’s no way she could maintain those abs of steel. Despite that, I see her as a drink of big and bold stouts. Bell’s Expedition Stout perhaps? Or maybe Bourbon Barrel Batch 9000? Sometimes having a beer or two can relax you and open up your mind – maybe that’s all she needs in order to find the invisible jet?

How many kinds of beer glasses do you own? 6.

If Red Bull gives you wings, what does craft beer give you? 100% awesomeness.

If you were a craft beer, what would you be and why? Bell’s Raspberry Wild One. I think I love that beer more than life itself. The picture I’ve included is of me drinking that beer at the 2013 MBG Winter Beer Festival (photo credit Rhino Media).

What is on your list of must visit breweries? All of them.

Favorite craft beer name? Hmmm.. probably Hopslam. You know exactly what you’re getting with that one. I’m all for creativity, but if I’m at a restaurant looking at a beer list that I’m not familiar with I want to have some idea of what the beer is just based on the name.

What is your favorite craft beer memory (PG-13 or not; I’m no prude)? I have two: Drinking lots of craft beer at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe’s Prom in 2011; it was just days before I started my career at Bell’s, and I was so excited about it. It was a perfect night. The other one is drinking craft beer with Larry Bell on various occasions. I respect the hell out of him and everything he’s done for the craft beer industry, and time with him is invaluable.

How do you get rid of head (foam)? I don’t.

What is the coolest bottle opener you own/have seen? There are hooded sweatshirts now that have beer koozies attached to the front pocket, and a bottle opener on the end of the sleeve.

When Chuck Norris drinks a beer …? When Chuck Norris orders a beer, the beer pays him.

If you got to name a craft beer, what would it be? Again, this is the least fun answer ever, but I don’t know. I got nothin.

If you got to have a beer with one person, who would it be and why? Anthony Bourdain. He’s my idol; I’ve seen him speak twice in recent years, and the first time I saw him he was drinking a Bell’s beer on stage!

What is your theme song? Currently, Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen”

What do you think about when you are alone in your car? Work. Life. Long car drives are good thinking time.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents? Anthony Bourdain and Meryl Streep.

Would you rather be a thief or a liar? If I’m going to do one, I might as well go all out and be both a thief and a liar.

Is it “Nobody doesn’t like Sarah Lee” or “Nobody does it like Sarah Lee?” Nobody does it like Sarah Lee.

Why is it always about you?? Why not?


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