Short’s Brewing Co.’s $2 million expansion will nearly double capacity

BELLAIRE, MICH. — Bell’s Brewery. Founders Brewing. New Holland Brewing. Arcadia Brewing. Atwater Brewery. Keweenaw Brewing.

What do these breweries have in common?

In addition to being based in Michigan, they have each recently undertaken or completed expansions to boost production.

Now, you can add Short’s Brewing to that list.

CFO, Scott Newman-Bale, tells BeerPulse that the company will shut down production for part of July so that workers can make a number of critical upgrades to the facility. The highlight of the project will be the installation of sixteen 90-barrel fermenters. The company will also improve efficiency, quality control and make some upgrades on the packaging line.

Once completed, the $2 million project will have nearly doubled working capacity from 16,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels.

As with so many other breweries, expansion can’t come soon enough for Short’s. The brewery is right up against capacity, having brewed nearly 13,000 barrels in 2011 on 56% growth from the year prior (per The Brewers Association).

The expansion, however, will not result in further distribution. “Michigan forever,” Newman-Bale quips.

In beer news, the company just revealed on its Facebook page that Spruce Pilsner should hit shelves next week. “It is already on sale in six-packs at our pub. The 2012 batch yielded about 540 cases and 32 half barrels.”

Before the shutdown takes effect, Strawberry Short’s Cake Golden Ale will also hit shelves.

Once the brewery is back online, Key Lime Pie will return, right on schedule.

Then there is the return of Short’s Peaches and Crème High Gravity Golden Ale, a beer that hasn’t been brewed since 2007 when it was released as part of the Imperial Series. Its return will come in 12 oz. bottles.

The Short’s team also gave a talk at SAVOR earlier this month, which you can listen to on Craft Beer Radio.

Third Annual Kalamazoo Beer Week is Jan. 12-18, 2013.  Click here for more info about what to do in KalamazooCheers!


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