Kalamazoo Beer Advocates: Tim Surprise, Owner Arcadia Ales

Whitsun or Sky High Rye? Decisions, decisions…

Tim Surprise is the owner of Battle Creek’s Arcadia Ales. He will be quite the busy man during Kalamazoo Beer Week as Arcadia has over 8 events going on!

We will be brewing 15 years this year.  The concept for Arcadia developed in 1994 while on a family vacation along the southern coast of Maine.  I wandered into Gritty McDuff’s Brewpub in the Old Port area of Portland, Maine and our future in craft brewing was illuminated. My family and I were living in Michigan at the time and at the time, just as it is today, there was an appreciation for local, sustainable and high quality artisinal products.  Until Arcadia was established, the last brewery in Battle Creek closed its door in the 1940’s.  We were filling a need…

Our senior leadership team, together with our sales and production team, all come together regularly and reach consensus on new product development.  We sample a number of beers that fit into the style or general category that we’re considering, stack those characteristics that we are targeting along with our “quality & value” approach, and the result is typically a distinctive product.

We’re in the planning and development stages to increase our capacity and build a new brewing facility that may combine a very special location with a sustainable approach that is consistent with our mission of distinctive
and quality focused production.

My favorite beer is the Arcadia in my hand at the time I’m answering, but more specifically, my personal tastes lean more toward the maltier side of the beer spectrum, and during this time of beer, I find myself with an Arcadia London Porter quite often.

Watch Kalamazoo Beer Week‘s calendar of events. Click here for more info about what to do in Kalamazoo!  Cheers!


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