Kalamazoo Beer Advocates: Pilsen Klub Manager

The building, not the man

Bruce Hayes is the Assistant Manager for Waldo’s Campus Tavern/Pilsen Klub located right on Western Michigan University’s campus. In the cozy fireplace-warmed basement you can find the Pilsen Klub, a den-like watering hole serving Beer Lovers in the Kalamazoo area for years (and years to come)

I have been working in the restaurtant industry for roughly 20 years. I think that alot of my love for beer came from setting up beer and food tastings. Then when I started working in The Pilsen Klub at Waldos Campus Tavern and finished my first Pilsen Klub Passport I realized how much I loved beer…0r it could have been sitting in Riga Lativia drinking beers with Marty Pone (owner of Waldo’s/Pilsen)  and Bob Lewis (partner of Millennium Restaurant Group).

My favorite style of beer is probably Hefeweizen (a Bavarian specialty beer in which a significant proportion of malted barley is replaced with malted wheat). My favorite brewery I would say is New Holland Brewery, I like the types of beers that they are producing and I have worked with there sales staff throughout the years and they have always been top knotch.




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