Kalamazoo Beer Advocates: Home Brewer

Home Brewing -or- A Need to Know

The man himself

Scott Donovan, a local to Michigan that is connected to the craft beer game through both personal passions and profession, came to appreciate craft beer when he first toured Local Color Brewery in 1997.  During that visit he tried a fresh batch of scotch ale out of a tank, and describes having been hooked ever since.

Like many avid beer lovers that become home brewers, my first experience with home brewing was brought on by the need to know why beer tastes as it does. Part of the beauty of the effort is the way a recipe can be altered to achieve slightly, or tremendously different results.  I always enjoy changing recipes and making beers that suite my tastes. In my case, the more hops the better! Admittedly, I learned the hard way that brewing is all about keeping the equipment clean. It was a tough-love lesson, as I lost my second batch ever made to some funky bacteria.  (At least, that is my story.)

As a lover of craft beer, I feel particularly connected because I am surrounded by great breweries in Michigan that produce unique and innovative styles. I believe that brewing is one of the last true artisan professions that are in demand today, and I’m grateful to be part of the process that gets craft beer in the glass.

Think you have what it takes to take the reins of a deliciously brewed beverage? Want to learn more about homebrewing?



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