Beer Styles: All Your Friends Are Here

What’ll it be today?

What a loaded question. As any great beer lover (in the presence of a well-stocked bar) knows, that can be a tough question. Am I drinking to complement my food? To complement myself? Is it a Tuesday afternoon and the weather is mediocre so naturally I’m thirsty? Your next move will set up the rest of the day’s activities (choose well and you’ll have such a great time work will be awful tomorrow!).

Beer Nerds are such egg heads.


Well, lucky for us, beer comes in many different styles, and each style comes in lots of different brands and approaches, each with it’s own unique mouth-feel, taste, aroma, and experience. I was lucky enough to attend the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO this past October. I was even luckier to be at Session 3 during the Beer Style Awards Ceremony (sorry, but I had to do a little bragging about that). What’s interesting is that the way the Beer world has progressed and changed through the years, it is getting harder and harder to define and categorize beer styles (which, coincidentally, makes this competition harder each year to judge). Should brewers brew their beer specifically for a category? Or let their heart and tastebuds lead them into a totally new and unique “style” of beer.

While we could spend many a long night discussing the philosophies of each beer and their particular styles (and who knows? maybe we will, considering Kalamazoo Beer Week will be flooded with beer lovers from all over the State),  for now let’s get back to the basics.

Dunkels and Dubbels and Trippels, oh MY!


Beer-loving site “The Full Pint” (whose mission statement is “to provide you with craft beer news, and to provide all the craft brewers in the world with a place to share their news and product info. In this information age, we find it hard to believe people are going to pay money for yesterdays news, when they can get it today, for free on the Internet.” Amen to that!) has a great and full list of beer styles, complete with specific breweries and beers under each. Check it out HERE

What’s your favorite style of beer? Ours is anything made out of water!



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